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The Chef & Artist


I am a Mom, a Wife, a chef, and artist. How I came to own these titles was not the “cookie cutter” way that one might assume.

I originally became a counselor to serve others who, sadly, were at their emotional bottom. After some time, I came to the realization that I wanted to focus on things that brought people happiness, and after years of working in the food industry during school, I decided that dining, friends and (most importantly) dessert helped make people smile.

I love(d) being in the kitchen. I love creating, tasting, savoring an experience and sharing that with others.

After opening a cake business (on the side) and falling in love with the creation that came with cakes, I decided to attend culinary school to hone my skills. I began to follow the chefs around me and later had the good fortune to work with some amazing chefs at The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa and Biltmore Estate.

As my skills grew and flourished I was ready for another step. For me, that step was teaching culinary arts at two colleges.

I revived the palate of family members and friends who suffered from singular chronic diseases and co-morbidity by understanding food science and the impact of nutrition on the body, mind, and soul.

I have traveled the world and learned that with humility and kindness, we can learn something new from everyone around us and create some magical dishes and memories. This has brought me to where I am now, I love creating cakes, chocolate and sugar pieces that are representative of my clients and myself. We create pieces that become part of the story being told and what an honor it is to be part of my clients’ stories.

In addition to my love for food and art, I have three amazing children who learn to live life fully and fail forward, I am married to a Green Beret who thinks he can cook, but we won’t tell him different.

I look forward to the adventure of living in and creating edible art in Sioux Falls, SD.

© 2019 Inside The Whisk, LLC